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Paranormal Q&A with ​Jack and Michelle

If you missed the latest Paranormal Q&A FB Live show with Jack Kenna & Michelle Desrochers of Haunted Case Files you can watch them at the below links:
SHOW 004: February 06, 2019

SHOW 003: January 23, 2019
SHOW 002: January 09, 2019
SHOW 001: December 27, 2018 

Fall 2023

Advanced Paranormal Research


If you need my help with a haunting or are experiencing paranormal activity in your home or business please go to SPIRITS of New England and fill out our Investigation Form or email me at jackkenna.org@gmail.com to request a filable .pdf copy of our investigation form to fill out and email back to me. Be assured that we are here to help. Thank you. Please note that we only conduct investigations within the New England States, New York and Pennsylvania. Our investigation services are always FREE, but our investigation form MUST be filled out before we will conduct any investigation.

Course Dates to be Announced.


Jack Kenna

About Jack

Accomplished Paranormal Investigator, Author, Speaker, and Public Figure. Jack is a member of the paranormal team S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of New England, and Founder of Rensselaer Paranormal Research. Jack is considered by many to be one of the top paranormal investigators in the USA. He is a series lead on the TV series Haunted Case Files and Paranormal Survivor (Our House Media) and has also appeared on numerous episodes of the TV series Haunted Hospitals (Bristow Global Media). Jack has also completed filming for the 2019 TV series A Haunting (New Dominion Pictures)and My Worst Nightmare (Pixcom). In 2015 Jack, along with illustrator Alex Cormack, completed work on his graphic novel S.P.I.R.I.T.S. - The Forgotten Souls of Bay Path, then in June 2017 Jack released his first book Hauntings, Ghosts & Demons, followed by his newest book Paranormal Research released by Schiffer Publishing in June 2018. When not filming or writing, Jack can be found Speaking or Lecturing at numerous events and conventions throughout the USA and Canada.

Paranormal Investigator

Author / Speaker / Teacher

Public Figure

Fall 2023

Course Dates to be Announced. PR 101 is required before taking this class.

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